Polynt Composites' Innovation Team provides technology leadership in gel coats, resins and industrial cleaners for use in a wide range of markets:

  • Marine (boat building)
  • Sanitary (fiberglass tubs and showers)
  • Transportation (semi-cabs, trailers, RV's)
  • Marble and casting (counters and bath vanities)
  • Infrastructure
    • Architectural (swimming pools, steeples, façades)
    • Industrial (storage tanks, grating)
    • Military
    • Civil (bridge decking, cast pipe, CIPP)
  • General purpose composites
  • Tooling

These products can be used to make composite parts using a variety of processes:

  • Laminating (spray-up, hand lay-up)
  • Closed Molding (infusion, light RTM, CCBM)
  • Molding (compression, injection, wet molding)
  • Casting (cast polymer and solid surface)
  • Filament winding
  • Rotational molding
  • Pultrusion
  • CIPP

Polynt Composites also offers innovations in a number of specialty markets, including products for fiber enhancement, casting impregnation, dental applications and more.

Polynt Composites offers cutting edge technology with:

          OptiPLUS® - Complete tooling system

          FIREBLOCK™ - First to meet industry need for nonhalogenated FR system

          IMEDGE® PCT 100 Series - Breakthrough technology for a new polymer coating

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