Gel coats are versatile and durable coatings used in the production of composites parts. The majority of gel coats are applied as in-mold coatings, the first step in composites part production. In-mold gel coats protect the mold from abrasion and chemical attack during the remainder of the production process, and provide a releasable coating to aid in demolding operations.

Gel coats are often the exterior coating for composites parts, providing both the color and texture of the part. They can range in appearance from clear shades that allow visibility of subsequent layers, to pigmented coats that can be matched to an infinite array of colors. They also protect the parts from weathering, moisture and chemical exposure. As a world leader in production and distribution, Polynt Composites USA offers a full range of gel coat products to the composites industry, as well as serving the marble and casting, marine, sanitary, swimming pool, tooling and transportation fields. Polynt Composites USA's gel coat product line also includes specific use products like:

  • Barrier coats used between the exterior gel coat and laminate for blister protection, improved cosmetics and crack resistance
  • Enamel for top coating composites parts
  • Sanding primers that provide a sandable surface for subsequent paint operations

Finally, Polynt Composites USA's gel coat product line includes patchaids and additives. Patchaids improve the sprayability of gel coats used for repair, while simultaneously accelerating cure, reducing surface tackiness and reducing the amount of work needed to finish the patch. Additives include a light stabilizer solution and wax solutions used to transform gel coats into enamels.

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