Polynt Composites USA strives to continually achieve reductions in energy and nonrenewable resource use, pollutant emissions and waste generation. This is coupled with an emphasis on safe operations for the environment, our employees and the community.

Benefits of our actions include:

  • Reduced air emissions and improved air quality
  • Reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced hazardous and nonhazardous waste generation
  • Improved safety
  • Higher quality products
  • Documented goals and performance metrics for continuous improvement

To achieve these benefits for our company, customers and community we emphasize:

Advanced Integrated Management System (AIMS):

  • Environmental

Three Polynt Composites USA facilities are ISO 14001: 2004 certified, and we are working toward certifying all of our facilities.

  • Energy

Polynt Composites USA was the first company in the United States to obtain MSE 2000:2008 certification and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) certification in the gold category. The Polynt Composites USA Houston facility was one of five U.S. Department of Energy partners in a pilot project to test the assessment criteria for industrial sites committed to reducing their energy expenditures. We are working to take what was learned during the pilot project and certification process to integrate energy management at our other facilities.

  • Responsible Care®

AIMS meets the intent of Responsible Care®, the chemical industry's global voluntary initiative to continuously improve health, safety and environmental performance, and communication regarding products and processes.

  • Safety

As an international company, all Polynt Composites USA facilities operate under the International Safety Rating System (ISRS), a global benchmark for excellence in Safety Management. ISRS meets the intent of United States programs such as OHSAS 18001 and contains best practices in Process Safety Management (PSM), a comprehensive management program that integrates technologies, procedures, and management practices to prevent releases of Highly Hazardous Chemicals as defined by OSHA and EPA.

  • Quality

All Polynt Composites USA facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Polynt Composites USA uses this systematic approach to manage our processes and operations to consistently provide quality products that meet the expectations of our customers. Please email Polynt Composites USA with any questions or to obtain a copy of our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and MSE 2000:2008 certificates at Pauli.McClanahan@polynt.com

Process Improvements

Examples of recent projects and company initiatives include:

  1. Polynt Composites USA eliminated all hazardous and nonhazardous waste incineration at two facilities.
  2. The Polynt Saukville facility (now an Arkema facility) installed a new thermal oxidizer, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced emissions and odors. This significant process improvement contributed to Polynt Composites winning the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment award in 2009. We are exploring the feasibility of this improvement at other facilities.
  3. Two facilities have transitioned their reaction water load-out lines from tanker trucks to the more environmentally friendly alternative of bulk rail transport.
  4. Polynt Composites USA's Houston facility is subject to flooding and is being redesigned to cut costs and make use of the high water flow.
  5. Current objectives and action plans at our facilities include: eliminating solid waste resulting from nonconforming material, eliminating monomer wastes, reducing VOC emissions, implementing beneficial reuse of waste and reducing energy use.

Current Objectives

The Action Plan for all of Polynt Composites USA's facilities includes:

  • Eliminating solid waste resulting from nonconforming material
  • Eliminating monomer wastes + Reducing VOC emissions
  • Implementing beneficial reuse of waste
  • Reducing energy use

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