Polynt Composites USA provides innovative, market-based environmental solutions and safe, high performance materials created through an active and ongoing research and development program.

Benefits to our customers include:

  • Improved air quality (reduced VOC emissions and ground level ozone)
  • Reduced fossil fuel use + Sustainable raw material sourcing 
  • Reduced waste
  • Lower costs
  • Higher performance products

Polynt Composites USA's sustainable chemistry in action:

  • Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) for no-dig water infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Post consumer recycled glass in resilient floor tile (supports LEED certification)
  • A variety of additional products that include: low VOC resins, low HAP and MACT compliant resins, no HAP and low VOC solvent cleaners and aqueous cleaners

Polynt Composites USA's green product applications include:

  1. Wind power (blades, poles and housings)
  2. Energy efficient or recycled content building materials
  3. Storm resistant structures
  4. Hydrogen storage vessels
  5. Sustainable infrastructure

(CIPP, bridge decking, composite piles, composite structures)

For more information regarding specific products, visit our Composites pages.

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